Our Roles

Monica, conseillère voyage Dune

Travel Consultant

Travel consultants are scuba diving enthusiasts with a single goal: to share their love for the sport and help people discover new destinations. They listen carefully to what customers want and have a knack for finding the destination that best meets travellers’ expectations. These multi-tasking experts manage relations with divers, arrange trips and link up with on-site teams. Eloquent and dynamic, they’re never lost for words and know just how to convey their passion for travel!


The Production team works on creating the packages available to travellers. They go in search of the best destinations to make sure all trips are high-quality! In direct contact with providers, they skilfully negotiate, seeking out the best value for money. They keep an eye on all the latest travel industry developments to remain at the forefront of innovation. These dynamic, proactive individuals don’t mind getting their hands dirty if it means they can arrange the best diving has to offer!

Laura-et-Gael-Service-Production Dune & Subocea

Dive Guide

These individuals are the cornerstone of our business. Without them, there’s no diving! They are passionate about the sea and dedicate their lives to exploring the seabed. Educators at heart, they make a point of sharing their lives with divers, who they patiently guide using an upbeat approach.

Destination Manager

These ocean-lovers coordinate the dive centres in their destinations. They make everything run smoothly, promote the business, develop partnerboats, recruit their team and dive with customers. They have a single goal: to make their destination as attractive as possible and ensure divers know all about it. These multi-talented individuals wear many different hats and throw themselves into whatever they’re doing, whether in the water, at their computer, or when dealing with customers or partners. There’s never a dull moment!

Course Director Dune

Course director

These individuals have the highest professional status in the world of recreational diving. They aim to share their passion for diving by devoting their lives to training future dive instructors. These patient and skilled teachers know how to adapt their approach to different students. They help divers who want to go professional climb the career ladder by sharing their knowledge to train more certified divers.

Boat Captain

These seasoned sailors take divers to their dive sites. Holding the boat steady, they keep divers safe. They know where to find the sites and how to get there. They scan the horizon and follow the movement of the waves to keep passengers comfortable.
Lively and alert, they have a wealth of ocean knowledge, making them absolutely key to daily dives and dive liveaboards.

Capitaine de bateau sur le Theia aux Maldives avec Dune
Equipage-croisiere Jessica Egypte avec Dune

Boat Crew

The boat crew make divers’ liveaboards as smooth and enjoyable as possible. They take the utmost care of passengers and make their lives easier. Helpful and attentive, they are there when customers need them.

They have many roles and know how to meet divers’ expectations and needs.

Back Office Support – Accounting | Marketing | Communications | Commerce

Internal support is needed to structure the company’s activities and keep everything ticking over nicely. The commerce department oversees trip production and negotiates to bring travellers added value. The marketing and communications service enhances the company’s brand image to tell the public exactly what it has to offer. And what would a business be without its accounting department?

These behind-the-scenes roles support the travel consultants and on-site teams to offer the best diving trips.